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I feel like a friend?

I live with my boyfriend and we've been together 4 years recently tho I feel like his friend and not his girlfriend
Well watch tv and have dinner together but we always sit on separate couches
We rarely kiss if we do it's only a peck say when one I'd us is going out
We havnt had sex in a month
He just dosnt seem bothered at all
He stays up late where I can't so we never go to bed together
He also says his going for naps yet hell be on his fone so clearly it's just a way for him not be around me
I just miss the feeling of being close I thought living together would have made us get closer
Bringing it up is useless as hell say we spend every day together
I acc feel like he just dosnt want me around and I'm getting really down

Does this show he's just falling out of love with me
I feel like a friend?
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