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Am I doing the wrong thing?

Please hold back your judgmental comments :(
Anyway, I've been talking to this guy for a long time now, but because he lives a fair few hours way, we haven't gotten to meet cause of border closures due to covid. I really like him, and he's genuinely everything I want in a guy. From the moment we started talking, we instantly clicked. And he likes me too. But we're just waiting to meet. However we haven't talked about being exclusive or anything, just cause I don't want to make things way too serious before we even meet. There was a time when things were a bit off between us, and I ended up making out with another guy and I told him and he got mad. I felt horrible.

While this guy is amazing and makes me genuinely feel like I matter, he also isn't the type to be affectionate over text... which isn't always an issue, but sometimes it can be. I don't wanna ask him for anything considering we haven't even met, but it makes me look for attention from other guys which I know would hurt him if he found out, and it'd hurt me if he did the same thing. So am I in the wrong for flirting with other guys behind his back? Or is there no issue since we haven't talked about being exclusive?
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Am I doing the wrong thing?
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