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Why does this guy get so anxious around me?

I’v been seeing this guy on and off since February, however we’ve known each other since June 2019. When we met, we both said it was like a ‘lightning bolt moment’ and the attraction was very intense.
We have great chemistry, but during the time we’ve been on and off seeing each other he has suffered an awful family tragedy which means he can be really flakey with me as he has so much going on. Sometimes he’ll go AWOL for a week or even 2 weeks which can be quite difficult but I know he’s not out seeing other girls.

When we do see each other, he is often really visibly anxious around me. Sometimes it feels like he hates me, but then he’ll kiss me and be affectionate towards me and say nice things to me as well. So it leaves me very confused!

Would a guy get anxious like this around a girl he likes or does he just not like me very much?
Why does this guy get so anxious around me?
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