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Did I overreact?

So my boyfriend has a really strange sense of humor, he has ADHD so he says a lot of things he doesn't mean. Im used to his humor but he said something that triggered me today.

He told me "Victoria, can I sell you?" As a joke because he is running out of money. Then he said "nevermind, I can just blackmail people on onlyfans"

I told him that I didn't appreciate the joke because it's super disrespectful to joke about selling one's girlfriend. He got really mad and defensive, didn't understand what he said wrong and said "I never know where I have you, I can't take it anymore"

Then I didn't reply him for two hours, and he sent messages saying he wouldn't actually sell me and all that jazz.

I told him I needed time and he got mad again, saying that this is ridiculous. I told him my feelings aren't ridiculous, and no matter how much he twists and turns the situation, it still hurt me and he needs to respect that.

I'm just fed up because this happens a lot. I've done so much for him. I borrowed him 200 dollars because he wouldn't get money in a month, plus I helped him pay a bill he had to cross off.

I cook for him, I support him through passing high school classes and I make time for him. Situations like these just makes me wonder if it's worth it.

Did I overreact?
Did I overreact?
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