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How do you know if a girl wants to date you?

So, I recently met this girl at uni.

We barely spoke during the first semester, however, I noticed that she had been starting at me a few times. In our uni we have these foster type leaders that foster first years to get them acclimatised to uni life. She's in the year above me. But towards the end of the second semester, she started making conversation with me. Giving me some advice.

She accepted my friend request quickly on social media, love hearted a few of my posts. I struck up conversation with her a few times, asking how she is, sending memes that sort of thing. We were talking about results and she was saying how proud of me she was and was giving me advice as to the next year and stuff like that. We've even talked about having a study session in the library. She's a bit younger than what I normally go for being 23.
How do you know if a girl wants to date you?
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