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How to stop worrying about relationship which hasn’t even started?

Hey there! I’m 23 years old and have never dated a boy before. No, I’m not ugly, nor fat or stupid. I was told that I’m sexy and I recently got masters in finance in top business school. I was just busy with all my studying and projects that I missed all that time when my friends were dating and now I feel like I’m lagging behind and maybe all of my efforts in studying didn’t worth it because I feel extremely lonely. And I have this problem every time I start chatting and texting with a guy and I start feeling that it goes somewhere and We’re going to date soon the guy don’t move any further from just being friends... and the problem is that in my head everything already happened: I am imagining dating with this guy, kissing, going places, marrying and stuff lol even for me it sounds stupid and pathetic but I just can’t stop this flow of thoughts and it happens every time and every time guy chooses some other girl and in left alone and heartbroken and I’m so fed up with it... Well I should also mention that I’m Muslim and the guys I was chatting with were other religions maybe there was some misunderstanding with each guy... I don’t know the reason but the fact is that every time I like a guy and already think that the relationship will head somewhere at this point it all ends and I’m left heartbroken and all of the dreams of having a boyfriend vanish... so my question is how to stop thinking that every guy I start being friends with is “the one”?
How to stop worrying about relationship which hasn’t even started?
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