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Why does he think he’s so perfect?

I have been dating this guy and he’s an artist. He writes music, rap to be exact and whenever someone tells him what to expect in the music industry when he gets signed, how they may want you to sell out. Change your style of music or your lyrics etc things like that, all he ever says “I’m different. I’m not gonna sell out. My music speaks for itself. Not anyone can read it and understand it because it’s just that good and original. I’m that “guy” I’m gonna make it by just believing I will. I have it in the bag.” Like you literally can’t get him any advice without him feeling like you’re denying his talent. He has a huge ego and his music is good but it isn’t that great for him to think he’s gonna make it by letting his work speak for itself. He still has a long way to go and the thing is he will admit his work isn’t perfect but contradicts himself by saying “It’s trash music on the radio everyday. I know my music is better than half these artist.” And it’s just like his cockiness is gonna hold him back.
Why does he think he’s so perfect?
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