What should I say to her that lets her know I like her?

I need something to text her that tells her I like her but in a witty, subtle way. She is a girl who hasn't really had to many relationships, no serious one, how to I advance this?


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  • Make her smile and laugh, that's always a good start. Fold her little origamis, I personally find it really cute. Entertain her and compliment her (and actually mean it! if you don't then don't say it). She will eventually fall in love with you and and just take it slow. Love is like a plant, it grows. You can't force it to grow faster, it may die.

    I don't suggest telling her through a text because either she won't understand or she won't take it seriously... It can't be witty and subtle. We like it when guys are straight on and have the courage to tell us to our faces. Most of us love that. :D


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  • I know this probably isn't what you want to do.. but just casually ask her if she would want to go do something with you, like maybe something outdoors or an event you know about that is coming up.. and bring it up with her while you are in person. The worst she can say is she's not interested. This is just personally what I would like a guy to do for me if he was trying to tell me he likes me. :)

  • give her a compliment. make her smile. when you guys become closer as friends, tell her.


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