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Why is she suddenly sending mixed signals?

Me and this girl have gone on 3 dates. The first one didn't go too well, the second one went better and the third was great. At the end of the last date, I told her I'm glad I met her and she responded with saying "awww" and hugging me. She then said " Once I'm done with works, let's hang out more often". I really appreciated that, so I gently held her hand. There was a 5 second pause and then she quickly pulled her hand away started searching for smth in her bag.
I have never been good with panic, so when this happened I just stared off and couldn't respond in a non-awkward way to her. That made her worry and start asking things like " did something happen?". I was worried I had ruined I had with her since she stopped seeing my insta stories, so I texted her to ask her how she did on the entrance exams. She responded relatively quickly and even asked me to text her when I found about how well I did on the exams, but there wasn't the same kind of energy there was before.

She stopped sending me hearts and kiss emojis, with the only exception being when I sent her one of my drawings and she responded with a heart-eyed emoji. When looking at our last conversations, they seem like friendly ones and not people who are dating ( We are not in a relationship yet, we are just going on dates to see if we are good for each other )

I may be overthinking this, but I'm starting to think I've ruined everything...
Why is she suddenly sending mixed signals?
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