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Girl don't understand me what to do?

I m a guy and i like a girl we are chatting online for some time now and we have something between us.
I did so many things to prove that how much I care for her but I m now feeling that its just only me who is doing this all its not from the other side.
At every moment i make her feel that I care for her and she just don't care at all like she don't understand the worth of that.
Now I m making some distance from her cuz I feel she took me for granted.
We used to say goodnight every day like even if we were not able to chat we always leave a goodnight. She sleeps before me so she didn't say goodnight to me and I was feeling already that she is not caring much for me so I didn't say goodnight too now I m not messaging her and I didn't get her too.
Now I am feeling sad I don't know if I should give her last a chance by messaging her first or I should just leave her. I know that she loves me too but isn't it bad to message her if she doesn't even understand that she would lose me if she would act like this.
Girl don't understand me what to do?
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