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" HELP I never dated black guy /colorism advice?

Hi I'm 20 years old and half white & black mix I told my friends I like darkskin black guys and that I really want to date one its one that like me im single currently my family goes off saying why you want date a darkskin boy eww or there hair doesn't grow and your kids gonna be ugly your going to ruin your beautiful heritages I'm a light brown complexion with light brown eyes my hair is medium length with some blonde in it I just want to know what dating a black man is like I find them very sexy and why does it matter if i like a darkskin men instead of lightskin guys I like all races and skin colors but what should I do if my family dont like darkskin men or praise lightskin people better 😔😒
" HELP I never dated black guy /colorism advice?
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