Should I continue this relationship or is it toxic?

I need relationship advice, especially from older guys. I've been dating a tour manager now for close to 2 years. Although we're not exclusive, things have begun to become more intense over the past year and a half. I fly out to meet him in different places and we speak pretty much everyday. He gets jealous whenever he suspects me being with someone else and seems to genuinely care about me. The question is whether or not I continue to invest time in this or not and what exactly is this sort of relationship? How can I address that to him?


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  • I'd suggest you just talk to him.

    Because I have no idea what kind of a relationship this is, and clearly you don't, and maybe he doesn't either, so you should probably get some clarification. You don't necessarily have to label yourselves as 'boyfriend and girlfriend' or 'just friends' or 'friends with benefits' (I don't even know if sex is part of this relationship - I'm guessing so?) but you do need to establish some boundaries to make sure neither of you gets hurt or has false expectations that are never met.

    I think next time you see him, you should just be completely open and say something like "I'd like to know where this is going" or "what is this relationship that we have?" or something like that. Have a think beforehand what YOU want from the relationship, and then you can hear what he wants, explain what you want, and hopefully come to a mutual decision about how attached you are and how 'free' you still are.

    I hope this helps :)

    Good luck

    P.S. Please everyone rate my answer - either positive or negative, all feedback is appreciated :)


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