Does online dating really work?

i don't want to do plenty of fish.. and I don't know if I can afford the one that make you pay.

any advice


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  • I live in a fairly wooded area from from any big city so women are hard to come by that are intrigueing and exciting enough to date...

    So I started dating online as much as I was against it and said I never would... I did ...I was the best friend at my brothers wedding a few years ago they met online and they were happy ... a few others I know that are happy couples that met online as well...

    I am a goodlooking guy. I express myself well and know what and how to say it... so it was easy to find connections that were eager to meet me... On a pay site I was hooked up with 4 women that I dated a couple times each, one got serious and I was smitten as soon as I was totally commited she went another direction, it hurt alot... So I found another local girl instead we just got out of that relationship for reasons beyond our desire to be with one another...

    so I went back to the sites dated two that wasn't ready for a relationship so I kept looking and found the most perfect woman that I could have ever imagined for myself.. we have so much fun and get each others humor and cannot stop communicating we had the best date ever for both of us... THIS could be the ONE ! I pray that it is God's will... we never would have met anyother way ... BTW: it was POF...

    Online dating does work even tho you may not find the one right away (just like any other type of dating), but what it does is bypasses the games , gets right down to the commonalites and other connective simularities... and eases the uncomfortableness...

    ADVISE: go for it POF works great its free and you can communicate by there email messaging. Be honest to yourself for what your looking for and do not settle with anybody find that one you can connect with... however one that I was setup with that didn't workout we clicked right away almost way too great but then everything changed when we met so be aware of that to ... don't give up try it you could get very lucky that way... good luck

    • is POF the website? as I've been mentioning I'm kinda embarrassed entering a site online, like it proves I can't get anyone in person. Do you have to contact people or do you wait for people to contact you. I'm 20 and a girl.. I don't know how I'm really looking for a serious relationship not like hook ups or whatever. I just get a lot of players :/

    • lol I just clued in it was plenty of fish.. I heard the worst from that site.. like it just for hook ups.

    • I also heard the worst from that site, but it is setup to read your 5 love languages and has some deep insiteful questions to set up the most compatible... I was on Eharm with some luck, and others too, but I really respect POF ... it is up to you who and what you want so use your disgreshion... like I said I met some real great women on this site, some have respectiable jobs and come from great familys, rich ect... it is very common today... It works dude... try it seriously...

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  • only contact the people you want to ... there is no obligation at all !

  • Yeah, I met a woman through plenty of fish, she was pretty hot, so I married her. Unfortunately, I rushed things due to the distance involved and she turned out to be a liar and emotionally abusive.

    • And yeah, it isn't hard to get dates, especially for a woman.

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    • The free sites tend to get the more flaky people who are less committed to the process, most generally speaking.

      Other than that, I have no idea.

    • NOT TRUE nowadays... besides the only people that would see you on POF is ON POF...

      even if you meet someone that you know if you don't respond to them they won't know if your actively on it you can set the security thing differntly so it looks like your offline alls they would see is your profile... I have met others I knew but nothing came back to me about it... there are some real people on it thinking the same thing you are...

  • I think online dating is crap.

  • I think online dating is too forced. In the offline world it's the social equivalent of going to a club for the expressed purpose of meeting someone. Very few people actually end up in serious relationships by actively looking for them in that way. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, because it does, I'm just saying it's a large minority rather than a majority of cases... contrary to what people seem to believe (hence why so many people do it.)

    You can meet someone online though. Treat it like life offline. Offline you might meet someone at work, or through a friend, or at a club, or at a class, or at school, and so on... anywhere really. Online you might meet someone through a forum, or Facebook, and so on.


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  • haha I have tried plenty of fish, I met some really great people on there. You get to see if you are both compatible without being blind with feelings for each other. This way, you only get to know the people who are most compatible to you, it saves time and heartaches. I have friends who have found their husband or wife through online dating, including plenty of fish and they are so happy together. As long as you know how to be smart and safe about meeting people, its a really good idea.

    • im just really embarrassed of people I know, knowing I am using online dating.. doesn't it mean your lame?

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    • lol I' m like really embarrassed and I haven't even started lol. I'm in uni.. and it just like a lot of players that I seem to get. so I am really looking for a relationship and not just fun and games.

    • As I said...Start off with no profile picture, no one will know who you are, all they will see is what you put on your profile, they won't even know your real name. And there are other people who go on there looking for a real relationship, honestly it will say on there profile what they are looking for. I met quite a few very decent guys who wanted a relationship, good looking too. ;p

  • i think it might work if it moved from being online to real life meetings. you have to be sure about the man though, there are a lot of criminals who use this method too.

    • That's why you always meet somewhere public in the day time for the first time, tell someone you can trust where you will be and with who, have a ride ready for you to leave when the date is over, bring your cell phone and ask a lot of questions before you meet up. Ask if they have a Facebook and look it up, usually real people have a Facebook with friends who write on their wall and pictures, and possibly go on webcam if you feel comfortable. If you do the homework your pretty safe.

  • Well, it depends on what you mean by "work". Like any dating forum, some people find dates, some don't. It's like asking "Does going to a bar work for finding a date?" Well, some people someone at a bar and end up dating them or even having a relationship with them, but some people don't. It depends on you and it depends on the people you interact with.

    So, if you're on a dating site, you might happen to start talking to someone, meet, and it turns out that you really like each other. Or you might meet people that you don't like. Or you might not meet anyone at all.