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Girl rejected me, how should I handle this?

So initially I asked this girl to go out for a drink with me and we both had extremely mutual interest. I had told her that I would have to get back to her within a week or two because of some things I had to handle. She said that she would be totally down. Fast forward two weeks later I asked her out again and her availability was really limited. I left her alone and the next week the asked her out again. She said that she was down to get a drink, but not as anything romantic because she found a boyfriend. I have so much regret right now because I procrastinated on an opportunity that was easy and clear. I agreed to hang out with her and catch a drink, but I don’t know exactly what to say and how to respond to this situation. She understands that I liked her and I think she feels bad about the whole situation. Should I tell her that I’ll always be an option for her if anything falls through? I think she has to have some interest if she’s still willing to hang out with me. In the meantime I of course will still be dating around and pursuing other women.
Girl rejected me, how should I handle this?
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