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Guys, Shall I give him another chance?

I’m so confused by him !!! So I’ve been dating this guy for 8 months now , we hit it off initially so we’ll things moved so fast but then came crashing down , arguing started and we spilt up. We got back together , but it’s been rocky. I’m just so confused by him when I see him in person he is amazing ! Attentive and so caring and just amazing I love spending time with him , it’s long distance so I wish I can see him more. But over text he is the opposite he’s cold and blunt , he can be rude but gets defensive when I bring it up. I feel like on a emotional level we don’t get each other but in person he’s so amazing and caring ! I ended things but he still wants to give things another go , he’s so confusing one hand sometimes I feel like he’s just lost interest but other the other hand he’s like no I do like you and I want to work things out ! He’s so inconsistent , what shall I do !!! Does he deserve another chance !!
Guys, Shall I give him another chance?
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