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Is my coworker interested in me and should I wait or should I move on?

I have been great friends with my coworker for over a year id say and iv honestly had a crush on her the moment I saw her, she's told me she's thinks of me as her work-husband and we can openly talk about everything. I recently asked her out and she neither said yes or no but that she's not ready to date? Since then she's always dropping hits she's interested/ flirting with me on and off the job, I got a message from an ex who I haven't seen in 4 years asking if I'd like to meet for coffee. I said yes and we talked but thats it, at work I talked to my coworker about it and instantly asked if my ex wanted to get back together or if I wanted to. I said I'm open to the idea. Afterwards my coworker started asking me if I wanted to hangout again and play some pool 🎱 I said yeah that would be fun. We talked about scotch and she told me she has an 18 year old bottle at her place and I should come over some time to have some. She's invited me out hangout at public events with her and her daughter who Iv only met once before in person. I can't tell what to do... Should I ask her out again? Wait a while longer? Or move on? Is she interested in me but just not ready to date and is waiting till she's ready? I really do have strong feelings for her and don't want to lose the chance to go out with her.. I need help from a girls point of view what my coworker is doing haha I'll answer questions if you have any.
Is my coworker interested in me and should I wait or should I move on?
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