Missed coffee date but she seems interested?

So there's this girl from my classes I know, who I'm interested in and who seems to get along pretty well with me. After working up the courage and finding a good opportunity, I asked this girl out last Friday for coffee, you know, so we could take and get to know each other better and see if we were interested in going further. And she said yes, so we agreed to meet outside of this building on campus at around 2:00 after she gets out of class.

This morning, we saw each other in class today and things seemed to be going pretty well all in all, we asked each other about our weekends, and she even laughed at one of my dumb jokes. Problem is, when we were actually supposed to meet up, I couldn't find her and, to my frustration, my phone turned out not to be working either.

So, here's my question - given that I genuinely think the girl seems at least genuinely interested in talking with me and given that I was unable to get in contact with her at the time of the meeting - what should I do? I'll be seeing her the rest of the week as well, since we share two classes on alternating days, but I'm not quite sure how to approach the situation.



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  • This one's easy enough. If she bailed and didn't offer an explanation or suggest another time she's not interested. So check your text message and v-mail and you'll have an answer.

    • Problem with that is that I know she has a class at that point, and so she really would have had to have gone out of her way to avoid me. It's possible, and I understand you can't win them all, but it would seem a bit extreme, particularly since we seem to get along well enough otherwise.

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    • Gotcha. Will do. Thanks

    • Let me know how it goes. Good luck!