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My boyfriend is friends with his ex?

My boyfriend is friends with his ex. He told me he wouldn't mind if I met her but for me it's too soon. He is a good christian guy. Honestly it does make me feel uncomfortable but he has told me that good friends are hard to come by and that if she needs help he will help. She is a single mom of 3 kids and she had to move out this weekend. He forgot we had plans so I am mad and I told he needs to better communicate with me. It does piss me off though because if she needs a ride he will give her one. I understand he cares for his friends but it's an ex. I do trust him and put myself in his or her shoes but how do I deal with this? I mean he says things did not work out and specially the fact that she has kids. He wants no woman with kids
My boyfriend is friends with his ex?
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