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Is it cheating if the girl kissed me?

I’m in a bit of a pickle. I was at a work party and my girlfriend who I’m madly in love with was sick so she stayed home.
this girl named Gina who I knew had a crush on me and I were alone outside (I went out for some air and she followed) . we talked and stuff but long story short she went in for the kill and SHE kissed me.

let me clarify I didn’t lead her on I wasn’t flirting. She just did it. It was only like 3 seconds and I didn’t enjoy it at all. I pushed her off and she tried to go in again and got like a peck on my lower lip.

I hated that she did that but now I’m scared about how to tell my girlfriend.

This wasn’t a we shared a kiss or I kissed her situation. She did it to me. But it still happened and now I’m really upset.

is this cheating.
Is it cheating if the girl kissed me?
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