How could I have gotten her to go out with me?

OK Son here's how it went

Met girl in club *check

Could tell girl was the one *check

Got number and Facebook *check

Added on Facebook *check

sent text the next day *check

no reply...

but she did accept my addy

Now I already did something and f**ked things up I think, but I think I never had a chance because of her controlling friends and the fact that we met only once in a club and she probably kinda didn't know what to do me being the first guy she met in a club (she had just turned 18, I'm 22 so that could mean something too).

Now my question is if she didn't reply to my text ( and probably wasn't going to) how do I get her to go out with me if she doesn't reply?

Basically I'm just asking and obsessing since I knew she could've/should've been the one right now and its what I've been working my whole life for and to find it and getting so far just to find out for some stupid f**ked up reasons it wasn't to be just kills me. So I wanna know how to get everything perfect for the next time I met a girl as special.

So does anyone know the exact thing to do in order to get a date?


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  • I think you are obsessing a little too much seeing as you just met her in the club, and the fact that you kept pushing by adding her on Facebook, texting her and so on. She might find you creepy, if you are being that pushy. Wait maybe a week max and try contacting her like, on Facebook, because that is the most causal way. She talk to her and eventually tell her I would like to see you, wanna hang out?

    • well I texted her once, no reply and casually added her on Facebook, to which she acdcepted. and I may getting a tad obsessive, but when you find a girl and you know from the beginning that she is 1 in a million, of course you'd try you're best to do what it takes to make something happen...and if not try and figure out how to get the girl next time around

    • Yeah well you should wait a day or two don't ask her right away, just talk to her, let her get to know you

    • yeah find a time when she isn't with her controlling friends haha, but i;m sure they have already brainwashed her lols:(

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