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How do I (politely) reject him?

So, I'm 18 and there's this guy (in his mid-twenties I think) who's been honking at me and greeting me when he passes by me in the street for a couple years. He lowky creeps me out but when he stopped beside me and asked for my insta (his friend who he is doing delivery with had stopped a little farther behind him) I couldn't find it in me to tell him that I am not interested. I get how tough it is, to talk to somebody you like and he's been showing interest for a loong time (even though I was underage which I am pretty sure he knew but anyway) so the thought of me telling him no made me feel very, very bad. He messaged me the day before and expects to meet me soon but I kind of don't want to.

What would be the wise thing to do?

Give him a try first and reject him afterward? This seems like the most sensible thing to do but I think he just wants to get in my pants (his texts are just compliments and 'where are we gonna meet' questions) and I'm not into this.

Tell him that I regret giving him a way to contact me and I don't want to meet him in person? It's the truth but it's blunt and harsh and I will most likely bump into him next time I go out. I often do. It's a small city where I live. It'll be awkward.

Is there another suggestion you have? I am leaving for university in a month or less so if I manage to stay away from him I'll be fine
How do I (politely) reject him?
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