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Why does no guy want to date me advice?

I've tried dating it doesn't work. I've never dated or talked in person to a guy ever. I grew up severe sheltered had no friends never went to a social gathering all bad. I never had a b day party or anyone really call or text me. I work and talk to the ones i work with but other than that no social life. Im trying to start to talk to guys but they are insecure or stupid and think im lying or a gold digger. I mean its hard trying to find someone cause they feel that as pretty as i am i must have a boyfriend. Im not bragging or anything cause God knows i love being single and alone but i really want to know what it feels like to be in a relationship have sex and be loved. But no one believes I've never been with anyone so it is hard. Advice?
Why does no guy want to date me advice?
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