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Men, want to make the perfect woman (Female version already made)?

Same game as the last question I addressed to the ladies. In your answer, give your point total at the end and what your choices were. Here are the rules and point values:
Man starts off with 2 points. Points are spent on the desired traits of the man. Points are earned when the man gives up something. Man must end with at least 3 points to spare after buying the desired traits.
Female Trait Cost:
-1 Is a true and equal partner
-1 Treats me with respect
-2 Does not have male friends
-2 Does not nag me when I go out with my boys
-2 Does not need to be up my ass and can give me space
-3 Keeps calm and rationally talks out whatever is upsetting her
-4 Obeys me without question
-5 Perfect appearance/body
Male Points Earned:
+2 I cook for her without complaint (not to be mistaken as this being expected of me, but I do it to show appreciation)
+2 I do not let her off the hook easily just because she is a woman. I expect her to pull her own weight
+2 I trust her fully, even around other men
+2 I will not be possessive
+2 I will be vulnerable around her and trust her
+1 I will uphold her honor and never dishonor her
+4 I will take her out on dates and make her feel appreciated
+3 I will do my fair share of chores and not expect her to do them all
Men, want to make the perfect woman (Female version already made)?
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