Should I give him a chance if I don’t really like him?

Met this new guy who is so sweet and he’s attractive but there’s a lot of things I don’t like about him. He has no car, he’s kind of a loner, doesn’t dress that nice. He’s too much of a sweet guy, he’s a bit emotional and will overreact if I don’t call him back. Which I find such a turn off (he’s a year younger than me that probably explains it) he works a job but I’m wondering if he’s probably broke? A few times I mentioned some memes about guys spoiling their girlfriend and he got pissed saying not any man is just going to give cash away to a female... lol. I’ve met guys who’ve offered to pay my bills and my nails.
I’m into men who got things going for themselves. I’m into fashion, really good at make up, I have a car, and I’m a very social person.
This guy is like the total opposite of me. He’s not that social. I don’t get butterflies when I see his name on my phone. Shouldn’t I feel excited when speaking to him? I really loved this one guy from my past, and would feel so happy to just speak to him, but things didn’t work out. I’m still trying to get over him, I need to stop comparing every guy I meet to him. I know this new guy is a good guy and would treat me right but there’s not enough attraction. I need someone who will be able to make my life fun, introduce me to different people, places and things.
I think the new guys cute but looks aren’t going to be the only thing. I haven’t been in a serious relationship yet so any advice for me? I know he wants something serious and would probably make a good boyfriend but I don’t know if I like him enough for that... Do I keep talking to him or should I continue focusing on me to see what’s out there?
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Should I give him a chance if I don’t really like him?
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