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Why can’t I find a girl?

I’ve pretty much been single my whole life. Sure I’ve dated and stuff but never had a long term relationship. Recently I went first year university and got close to forming a relationship with two girls (separate occasions) but after a while I found out that they had boyfriends and were cheating on them with me. During quarantine I got desperate and I fell under the hell hole of online dating. A miracle happened I actually got a girl from tinder that wanted to meet up and stuff. We hit it off and we really liked each other. But a few days later I found out she is a witch, like she practices witchcraft and stuff. This is completely against my religion unfortunately so I had to end things. We did end on good terms she was a really awesome person. But anyway now I’m left here thinking I’m cursed or something 🤦‍♀️. Can someone just give me some advice or opinions. I’m starting to think there is something wrong with me maybe I’m just an ugly looking dude or I just have a weird personality that attracts non suitable people I don’t know... someone please helllpp
Why can’t I find a girl?
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