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Why do you think she blocked me on Instagram?

I am from Malta and she is from Ukraine. A very beautiful girl. We met on Tinder 6 months ago.
But after about two weeks she invited me to her Instagram. I opened an account so that we could talk there.
I thought we were well connected, especially lately.
Just 4 days ago she had her birthday (she turned 27), and I came up with the idea of decorating a plate with ice cream and fruit and writing her name and happy birthday in dark chocolate. I took a pic and sent it to her on Instagram. She really loved it. She loved it so much that she put it on her Instagram post and wrote nice words. She said thank you, sent me kisses and a heart.
Unfortunately about 3 days ago she had to go to hospital because of a serious sinus infection. And she was telling me just yesterday that the treatment is expensive and that she has to pay for it. I was worried, and when I woke up this morning I told her that if she gets to a point where she cannot afford the treatment I can help her if she likes.
She answered me: Good morning. I will take care of my problems
And blocked me a few seconds later!!!
I'm so hurt, and heart broken. I spent this whole day depressed with tears in my eyes on bed. I can't believe she would ever do this to me, especially after I offered her to help!!!
Can someone give me some insight as to why she done this?
And do you think I did something major wrong to get my throat slit like that? :''''''(
Why do you think she blocked me on Instagram?
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