Would you date a friend's sister?

There's this guy who's a friend of my brother's who I can't help but be attracted to. We get along, we talk and joke and sometimes he teases me. One time he was drunk and he was flirting a lot, he even ran his leg up my leg. One day he randomly texted me just to tell me something and it turned into a text message convo. But the problem being he's my brother's friend. What would you do guys? Would you date your friends sister?

On a side note I have dated a friend of my brother before...he wasn't a close friend and my brother stopped hanging out with him before things ended with us but my brother gave me his OK saying "you're an adult you can make you're own decisions"


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  • If I liked her, I would definitely. But if you break her heart, you lose a friend. That's the only drawback.


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