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If you could customize your dream partner, how would you?

Let's say we live in 3000AD where robots have gained consciousness and human emotions. Biological engineering has reached its limits and robots are no longer metal beings. They're completely indistinguishable from normal born humans. Now you can create a completely tailored to use human being as your partner for life. What properties or characteristics would you choose for them.

Here's mine
1. Loves me like crazy. Really wants my overall well-being. Example, if I get hurt, she feels the pain. Doesn't want me to suffer and will do anything (not morally wrong) to make me happy. Actually cares about me.
2. Has a high sense of ethics and morality. Will always stop me from doing stupid things. She should be kind, compassionate and wise enough to see what's fair, and what's wrong.
3. Is at least 5"8, (but not more than 5"10) a little chubby, brown wavy hair, perfect teeth and extremely gorgeous.
4. Is highly intelligent, bold and smart. Doesn't obsess over trivial things. Inspires me with her intelligence but doesn't condescend me.
5. Is 100% faithful. Isn't even attracted to other men.
6. Is a little bit strict and will push me to be better. Will continuosly motivate me to be more productive.
7. Is a passionate love maker. Has a high sex drive and often initiates activities in the bedroom. Wants to try new kinks all the time.
8. Sometimes she should be a little demanding and crave my attention and be upset with me so that I can go apologize and pamper her.
9. Should have a good sense of humour. And make fun of me too (without insulting me though)
10. Should not be shy. Should be bubbly, extroverted and fun. Should talk a lot.😅
11 Should be afraid of cockroaches and spiders so that I get to rescue her 😁
12. Should want to have many children (not more than 4 though)

I'm aware I'm talking like a typical man and contemplating way beyond my league here... but this is all hypothetical. How would you design your imaginary ideal partner as?

Be as descriptive as possible.
If you could customize your dream partner, how would you?
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