Guys calls me 3 times then stops for 5 days, why?

A guy who I think like me called me 3 consecutive times. The first two times I didn't pick up and the 3rd time I did but had to hang up right away because I was doing something. I said I would call back but it was late so I didn't. Then we chatted for the next two days. It has been five days since our last conversation and he hasn't called/texted.

Does he even like me?

Did he give up on me?

Are my clues to subtle for him to notice that I like him too?

Why would he call 3 times consecutively then stop for 5 days?


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  • Sounds like he did like you, but you played hard to get or you're a flake so now he's moved on.

  • He could be busy. Why don't you text him?


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