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How can I make this less stressful?

Trigger warning: this may involve some unpleasant things

So I'm seeing someone and he is nice. But everytime I need to... do #2... I cut the date the short and dash home, no matter what. I can't have him think... that I do... 'that'. I'm a woman, not a human that does... that.

Also, when im on.. my p***** (u know that thing that women get every 21-30 days and involve pads)... I try to not see him during those five days or wear TONS of perfume and sit very very very (3meter) far. Guys can smell periods. A girl's body odour changes. Blood itself also smells like iron. I've read online that men think it's not pleasant.

If I marry this guy I'm going to need a private separate bathroom and possibly a second bedroom to camp out in. He cannot know that I'm a human

He is starting to ask questions and I'm not sure what to do.
How can I make this less stressful?
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