Texting back and forth the this happened?

So I was texting my friend we were texting back and forth then I asked her if she wanted to join my Thursday to play some pool then she didn't reply after that I sent it around 4:40 pm and still no reply should I give up or just wait for a reply?


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  • You've done everything you can Right? so why continue? Best thing to do is wait it out, if she makes no effort in contacting you then it just comes off to show how shallow she is.

    • Thanks man its just hard to get her out of my mind if only she knew how much I really like her.

    • I feel ya. That's the hard part. The best thing for you is the hardest thing to do. and that's accepting things, You can do things to make yourself feel better, like working out, eating well you knwo little things. Good luck buddy

  • dont keep texting her. you're first mistake was asking her out via text. always ask her out via over the phone IF NOT in person. the fact that she's not replying is that she's either taking time to think about it or she is just simply not interested. if she hasn't replied within a couple hours, take it as a not interested, but don't always count it out though. she could change her mind very easily

    • I like her a lot but I guess she just not interested but why couldent she just reply with a yes or no.

    • because if you give her time to think about it. its actually a good sign. I've been reading up on it. her thinking about it, means that you actually might have a shot, she's trying to think about how good of a guy she knows you as and if shed feel safe with you (no matter where it is). if she doesnt, she won't reply because she's not sure of how to let you down. they like to do it gently. theyre not like us where we just say yes or no