We met online, we did not hang out, will he call again?

We met online have dinner a couple of times and we have a great connection (that's what I though) within 2 weeks we couldn't wait and He ask me to come over his place after his kids leave (share custody) I got all excited I get ready and I went, as soon as I get there the wildness begin, it was great! But after the 3rd time we fall asleep I wake up and he was getting dress I felt he wanted me to leave so I leave I was sweet and nice and cool, but He didn't call me next morning I text him and told him it was wonderful, he reply with a smile... That's it! Now I don't know what should I do? Am I being used? I like him, wow I do really and I felt he likes me too everything was so fast the moment we met He wanted me. I never had sex right away with a guy and we both are adults and divorce I wanted to feel free but now I am thinking what I did wrong? Should I call him or just move on? It happen last Sunday, today is Tuesday!


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  • Many people are not looking for a commitement but friends with benefits. I believe you both had a good time but he is having the same good time with other people. You should to! Apparently, it is not the norm now for people to have sex and NOT be a couple or even call. He told you he had a good time with the smiley face. Personally, I think that was immature and he could have used some words, but that's what it is. It's time to put it all in perspective. If you are looking for a good time this will be the hook up guy. If he really felt the same connection he would have called or sent more than a smiley face.A man your age would have sent flowers or a follow up call for a dinner, movie boat outing.. whatever for the weekend. Anything! Having sex three times is just what it is sex. It would have been a better time had you guys did a little more verbal communication. Also, was this the first time he had sex with you? Maybe he was embarassed or uncomfortable when he thought back to the situation. If it really was wild and amazing sex he would have followed up by now and wouldn't have needed you to send him a text. You pretty much thanked him for having sex with you via a text. Generally, people don't thank people for having sex with them by doing so he might think that you think you are both a couple.You never know he might have felt like that free lifestyle you may have told him you wanted wasn't for him after all. I would definitely wait until Thursday to call. Stop this texting crap. Use the phone. Ask him out to dinner and read his vibes. If he is suddenly busy or hesitant then ask himwhat's going on.

    • Hummm pretty good. I like your answer