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Was her boyfriend flirting with me?

I live my roommate and we’re very close. we had a game night with her, her best friend, and my roommate’s boyfriend. We got really into it and started drinking ( we’re underage soit doesn't happen a lot ) and we played spoons and dirty truth or dare. I admitted some sexual stuff about myself which I regret because I was drunk. Her boyfriend and her best friend were the only sober ones and they still edged stuff on. Her boyfriend was really nice and she seems happy. He was even asking me questions and trying to get to know me and told me he wanted to go in the Air Force and stuff like that which was great. I thought it was weird how he asked me what I liked to do for fun and my major and stuff like that. I know he was trying to get to know his girlfriends roommate ( were also rlly close ) but I don't know I thought it was a little weird and he only asked these questions when my roommate left to use the bathroom and he didn’t ask her best friend that! Also he asked me to play a separate board game with him while my roommate and her best friend were arguing. And he was teasing me a lot ( which is his personality ) but I had just met him. The only thing is that later he said he thinks super skinny girls look gross and he like thighs and stuff I’m skinny lol and so is her best friend. I don't know if he was talking about me or her but I didn’t think so because he would have kept it to himself. What do y’all think
Was her boyfriend flirting with me?
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