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How to get approached more / more attention?

might be a dumb question but here it goes...
Why does it take a longer time for guys to ask me out or approach me? Does this mean I’m ugly / the last choice? My friend gets asked out and a number in less than 5 min of meeting a guy. Me on the other hand a guy has to see me a couple of times before he finally ask me. I even initiate conversation because majority just stare and don’t say anything. but even when I do that nothing comes of it until days even weeks later. every now and then , there is some random guy that pop up saying “ hey I been seeing you around “ and I’m like why haven’t you said anything? . It reminds me of when I used to go to school and all the random guys tries to hug me And I’m like wtf.
Sorry for my bad grammar and English.
How to get approached more / more attention?
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