I can't tell if he wants me to break up with him, to have a thing with him, or maybe he's jealous?

I've had a boyfriend now for about a month, also tho I have had a thing with another a guy over a year now. The guy I'm dating doesn't really know. But he also flirts with his ex. Me and this guy I have had a thing with over a year now, me and him broke up because we really couldn't see each other much. Now we do hangout, and I really do love him. He has hurt me a lot though, and I can't tell if he's just using me or not, he didn't want to date because he really was busy, but I felt like he just wanted to hookup, me and and him have talked every single day since me and him have broken up. He always says he loves me, but I don't know if I can believe him.. Do you think its using? But now he isn't opposed to dating and he said he would be up for it in a little bit after my boyfriend, but he didn't want to date? I might be just living in the past but I don't know what to do with the guy I'm dating either, he's very emotional so I don't know how to break it to him. And the guy I've had a thing with forever he's had a thing with flirting very hard on other girls so that makes me a little nervous, I can't tell if he's lying about some stuff he recently told me he saw another girls phone and saw texts from my boyfriend saying they were flirting I can't tell if he wants me to break up with him to have a thing with him or maybe he's jealous, I really can't tell.. I would really love the help.


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  • Focus on one guy at a time.

    Once you have picked a guy, get him to prove to you he loves you.

    For example, I just focus on one guy at a time.

    First it was like guy A for 2 months, then close up guy A (no more talking to guy A) then Guy B, then Guy C so on and so forth. it helps me to stay focus and be serious and not get confused on what I should do. you know? It's like for me I want to clean the house, start at one room at a time.

    Well once that is done, and you picked a guy see the problem. Is he flirting too much with other girls? tell him if he loves you then he has to quit. Otherwise tell him you will drop him and never talk to him again. This will help you see if he really loves you.

    For me it was guy A had to quit making fun of my acne and complaining too much when doing stuff I liked. he didn't. so I moved on to a guy B. guy B had to get some morals and figure that 3 timing me was bad and talking to me while dating 2 other girls was not my game. Guy B didn't stop so I move to guy C. Guy C had to figure that smoking was not good for his or my health. Guy C had to stop smoking or else I drop him. So guy C stopped smoking. I am now married to guy C. See how that works?

    Well anyways that was just my experience. Good luck with your love life.

    • Thats why thing he has quit with the other girls, I want to know if you think he's using me, or am I wasting me time, he isn't very emotional, but he tells me he loves me. He didn't wasn't to date, so does that not sound like using?

    • if he doesn't want to date, then yeah he is just wanting to use you for fun. Why doesn't he want to be exclusive with you if he isn't seeing other girls? IF he loves you then he should make it serious and just date you/be in a relationship with you.

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