Am I doing the right thing?

My friend and I both like the same guy who is a mutual friend. We never made it explicit but I can tell she likes him. I am not sure how he feels but he does hang out with her alone a lot. At some point I thought he liked me too but then I see him with her, and maybe being jealous is natural for me, I decided that I'll back away and let the two be. I still like him though, but I am trying to move on.

At the same time, another guy is asking me out. He seems like a nice guy, someone I would like, and I actually do want to get to know him a bit. But now it looks like in this case that I am using him to get over the first guy, but I don't mean it like that, and I've told him. But still, is that bad? I mean, I still like the first guy and now I am going out with this guy. What if the first guy actually tells me that he likes me since I already like him? Then I'll be hurting the second guy since we are just starting to go out.


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  • You are doing the right thing to back away but remember you have backed away so if you wish to continue with this new man then you have already chosen to back away from the previous, so it would not be right to turn this new guy away because you find out that the first guy is showing interest, be sure of yor decition before you move on, because no one likes getting hurt..

    • Maybe I'm thinking too much but what if the previous guy do like me and feel I like him, but was too shy to say anything. As in what if he was only friends with my friend, so like a love triangle thing? So then if I do go with the new guy, he would be hurt, wouldn't he? but then again, that is a "what if". Because if that is the case, that would really suck too, since we'd both like each other and after knowing each other well. And if that is the case, someone will get hurt either way, whatever I do.

    • well to save face amoungst the guys, why don't you tell your friend of your feelings and ask her honestly of hers, she is your fiend after all and her answer will, settle any question you keep posing to yourself after us guys have answered yours already..

  • Stick with the guy you've got. Of course if you both like a guy its a no go zone so you both won't get hurt and jeopardize your relationship just over a silly random guy. Simple!

    • What if there is the "what if" situation I posted in the comment above yours? Then what do I do? :(

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