OMG! Crazy 3 way love/friend triangle, nothing of which is reciprocated.

Who said Love was easy!

Ok, I have this girl who I have fell out with because she found out that I liked her and she said from the start that she would only be my friend. I've known her 5 weeks. Very intense 5 weeks though. Then I go to BBQ through a mutual friend, and find someone else I like there. Have added her on fb and was going to play it slowly and now friend who lives her has told me she fancies me. Known her 3 years. So now in a really crazy situation where the girl I like see's me as a friend, and the friend I like doesn't fancy me. And in the middle of it all I've found someone that I could like and I have no idea if she likes me or not at the moment as only known her 1 day.

Yes, it's all very dramatic, but my head is now absolutely shredded!


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  • OMG,completed

    • I know! I'm thinking of just moving on completely from all of them!

    • em, then ,read your mind,have a easy day!

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