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Is he bored of me or what?

So my ldr boyfriend of 1 year (we have met in real life) seems to be bored of me?
So in detail when i send him teasing pictures like my ass or something he just doesn’t say anything and if he does its jus some dry ass thing like “wow” or “damn” thats it. He wasn't like this before it only started like a few months ago ! When i try to confront him about it or tell him how its making me feel he gets all angry and says things like “ive seen it before” or “ive seen many asses” or just yells at me for “always wanting more attention” mind you he is an ass guy! Yettt when he sends me a selfie of his face and i dont say anything or send just a heart he gets mad at me and stuff... I dont know what’s happening :/ :/
Is he bored of me or what?
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