Having a lot of boyfriends/ girlfriends?

Personally I don't believe in serious relationships in high school or even just dating, I think it's a bad idea and wastes your teenage years when you could be having fun, flirting etc.. But I've seen a trend in having lots of boyfriends or girlfriends but I've noticed that the type of person that has them is what I call a person that is easy to date it has nothing to do with how they look or even their personalities it is just a quality they have to them, they are generally easily approachable, easy to talk to, nice all the time and a very sort of bland personality. I know I'm making a generalization but this is what I see among lots of people my age. So I was wondering if I'm the only one who sees this? and why is it so appealing?


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  • In a way, yes, some are probably dating to experience the feeling of being "loved" or being close to someone, or having someone there for you. That's the way I see it, in most cases it ends up being unnecessary stress whereas you could have been out there having a fun time with friends/making new ones and learning about people in general ( this sounds weird but I don't know how to explain it ^^ ).

    On the other hand, its not that bad, this is another way I see it; say you get out of high school @ 18 .. latest 19.. You get to college and you decided to start meeting new people to date, I feel like the experience you've had dealing with a partner in high school might come in handy, like how to hold your own conversation or how to communicate while talking to the other sex ( that you are interested in)...communication is the key... in other words confidence. Life's a learning experience, the earlier you go at it, the better, it's just all about how you do it and what you choose to be influenced by. I was talking to a friend of mine and he told me things he wished he could have done during his teenage year which made me think... really making the best out of your teenage years isn't just about making friends and having fun, part of it is also getting to explore yourself ( not exploring other people/ nor in a way that's going to hurt others)... exploring yourself in that by the time you get to about 23+ you know what you want, what you desire in a relationship, your personality and crap like that and you go after it . It's really weird to explain , its in my head, I just can't unfold it all. But whatever you're doing now, just stick with it, maybe try new things, have fun, enjoy the little things, and be yourself... oh and also, did I mention that you should have lots of fun?


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