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How long into dating is reasonable before becoming official?

The guy I’m seeing wants to take it slow and not be official (call me his girlfriend) for a little bit and wants me to feel like I can date other guys too- I think he’s just worried I will stop liking him over time maybe... I’m 24 and he’s in his mid 30’s. he takes me on dates and doesn’t want to lose me.. he got all beggy when I said ok I just need to leave and not come back if we aren’t official. His life is complicated because he has twin toddlers by an ex fiancé and he gets pressure from her because she is controlling and doesn’t want him to have custody of them. They had to go to court a couple times.

he doesn’t want to have sex until we’re in a serious relationship so it isn’t that he just wants the sex..

any ideas as to if this is normal? Just general thoughts from YOUR perspective on this? Thanks!

and yes I still want to be with him, he has a lot of great qualities. He’s mature, funny, kind, insightful, creative and more
he doesn’t drink and he respects my boundaries really well. rather this than guys my age who can’t take accountability for themselves

just seeing if this is normal for guys wanting to “see where things lead”
How long into dating is reasonable before becoming official?
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