So, what do I do next with this girl?

So, I've been meeting girls off online date sites for sometime now and was mainly in it just for sex, but recently decided to try and actually date one of these girls.

So, Sunday night I had a date with a chick I met off an online dating site. Things went great, we were laughing, flirting, and talking about how we are going to have to hangout again sometime soon the whole date.

The date ended and I chose to not kiss her, could be a mistake I know- but I wanted to wait til the next date.

So, she lived a couple hours from me and started texting me on my drive home saying "how's the drive? so happy you came you made my day a lot better thank you" and she said I had to text her to make sure I got home OK, which I did.

The next afternoon I am sitting at work and decide to text her and things start to go down hill quickly. I text her something hinting about going to a water park on Sunday which we had already mentioned on our date the night before and she said "what" I then texted "lol its a water park'" and then to clarify I texted "I didn't come across very well- Lol I was saying let's go to the water park Sunday"

Now- that was yesterday afternoon and she hasn't responded since. What should be my next text? I think I can still salvage it.


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