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Is my mom overreacting?

I’m 20 years old and attending university. I was studying with my boyfriend really late at night while he was waiting on his ride. I cuddled beside him and fell asleep on his stomach. My mom ended up walking in and my boyfriend flinched (because she’s scared of COVID and expects us to social distance at all times). She ended up pulling me aside and said she didn’t like me falling asleep with him because he had his hand around my waist and he jumped when she came in. Then she alluded to him molesting me!! She doesn’t know this (because she’s a very prudish woman) but we’ve already had sex before. I don’t appreciate her accusing my boyfriend of possibly molesting me, when all he did was wrap his hand around my waist. Is it okay that I’m upset with her? What should I do about this situation?
Is my mom overreacting?
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