How do I get over this feeling?

I've been out with this guy 3 times. We tried being sexually active the 2nd time we went out and it didn't work out so well. After a month passed and I didn't think we'd ever go out again, he contacted me and wanted to go out for a 3rd time. We went out, had sex again and this time it was awesome.

Thing is.. I'm really into him. So into him that I worry that I won't see him again after we hang out or he'll wait another month before hanging out again. If I don't get a text or hear for him for a few days, it makes me feel ever more insecure about it.

Does anybody else ever feel this way? Am I overreacting? What do you suggest I should do?

Thanks for any and all input!


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  • Yeah, I've been in a few of those situations. In fact, I'm in one right now. You're not overreacting. The feeling you have sucks! I had that feeling of anxiety after the last time I saw this guy I was really into.. I thought we had a really good thing going, This guy had me so blinded, but I guess it was just a fling. It's been about a month since I've seen him and I haven't heard a word from him totally beat myself up about it, wondering what I could have said or done to make him lose interest. I drove myself insane! I contemplated whether I should text him and ask him if he was still alive or not, but I decided not to. I've been down this road before and that's a bad move. It's too late now, After a month of being ignored my sadness turned to anger. When he does come around, I'm just gonna blow him off. He's going to realize what a douche he is when he can't find someone as cool as I am. LOL (not trying to brag, but it's true.)

    After I came to my senses, I realized that I am way too smart and pretty to have some guy who isn't worth a damn make me feel like this.. If this guy wants to be chased, he's got the wrong girl!. I took it with a grain of salt and moved on. If he's interested, he will contact you and want to be around you.. Period.

    Why bother chasing some dude who will just string you along and break your heart? That's anxiety you're feeling will continue. Imagine feeling like this after every time you see him... Who needs that? It's painful. You feel like sh*t just because some thoughtless man doesn't have the decency to shoot you a little text saying "HI, How ya doin?' Screw him! It's not worth it.. You're better than that and you don't have to be desperate for his attention. Go find someone else to entertain you, if that's what you need.

    After all the heartbreak I have endured, If I have learned anything its to focus on yourself, love yourself and don't ever let a man (or anyone) make you feel low. Try to stay neutral about the situation, but if he waits too long to contact you, forget him and move on.. You will be happy you did!


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  • You should call him within the next few days. If he likes you, he'll be happy to hear from you soon. (remember there's a difference between calling him in a few days, and calling him non-stop all day everyday ;) )

    • I definitely don't want to ambush him with texts so I always wait a few days anyway. It's just very hard to read him and part of me feels like I definitely overthink it and drive myself crazy hahaha

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  • i hear you! I found a guy that I really like and I was the only one making the plans. he never contacted me and I was the one always texting him but every time I brought it up, he would say OK what do you want to do. we went golfing, had a few dinners and hooked up a few times. I got sick of contacting him all the time so I just stopped contacting him and told him I would leave him alone...not a word from him in a month! last week he "liked" my blog post that I connected to my Facebook page but at this point, I'm over it. there are plenty of other men out there