Why doesn't he text me first?

We flirt whenever we talk, and he replies in a minute or so but he never texts me first.

He texted me first once. I don't understand. Does he not care about me?


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  • It can be that he is nervous about admitting he likes you. Does he act nervous in person? If he dose then I would forgive him. If he acts extremely confident in person then chances are he doesn't like you.

    It's all about how much you're willing to do to be with him. I felt like I was bugging the last girl I dated all the time because she never texted me first. I felt that way from the beginning. But I got her to go out with me four times by contacting her first all the time before I realized she was too shy and insecure to have a suitable, strong relationship with.

    Give it a shot better worth trying than not.

    • We don't live close so I can't say. How can I know if he's shy over text?

  • I am sure he thinks you are a great girl. He may just be a little shy and not know what to say. It is hard for shy people to start up a conversation I know because I am shy around women

    • But we flirt. He doesn't seem shy when he's talking to other people.

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    • It just really sucks. I feel like I'm bothering him when I text him.

    • Have you ever had a heart to heart conversation with him and told him how you felt

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