We met on an online dating site...Only realized later we knew each other from our childhood!

I am so embarrassed I don't know what to do! I met this cute guy on plenty of fish, and we were flirting and getting to know each other... At one point, I realized that we went to elementary and middle school together! I am so worried that maybe he realized who I was before I did...Because he was online and I sent him a message and he hadn't replied...And when I realized who he was, I sent him a message in great panic! I told him I realized who he was and that I was extremely embarrassed to have been messaging him on an online dating site...I asked him if he remembered who I was... He never replied! He is offline now, but I am in such a panic! I did NOT have a good childhood and none of the boys liked me, I was so shy with boys that they all thought I hated them and they called me names sometimes... I was known as the very religious and goody two shoes girl in those days too. I was a completely different person, and I started off fresh at a new school for high school...

How would you react to my panicked messages if you were him...Did I make a mistake by sending him all of those messages...And does anyone have anything to mention about my situation that could possibly help calm me?..I am VERY worried right now! Thanks...

Okay, thanks...I overreacted...He sent me a reply and he still wants to meet up.


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  • My opinion is of the online dating sites are they are crap since I didn't get message from any chic being on them for more than two years. They are a waste of time for guys and that especially goes for plenty of fish. But since you actually DID meet somebody there and he ACTUALLY talked to you, I wouldn't give up so quick. Just because you knew him during your child hood doesn't mean either of you are condemned from getting to know one another. If he saw your picture and you saw his and you were both OK with each other, things must have changed since your childhood. So give it a chance. And hey if it works that means probably for the first time in history and probably the last that a couple ACTUALLY MET on plenty of fish.com.

    • Do you think he will have a bad impression of me now that I sent that panic message...Because the message I sent him when I first realized who he was might have weirded him out...And I sent two of them...The first one was like "holy crap...your (his name)" and then the second one was the other stuff I said I wrote. It was my first reaction and I panicked...So do you think he will have a bad impression of me now? Does he have any reason to? Thanks.

    • No I wouldn't think so. Send another message and tell him you were both surprised and excited you found each other at the same time and at the same time you wanted him to know who you were. I really don't think it should be a big deal to him.

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