My dad goes over to this boy's house and starts FREAKING out on his parents. What do I do now? :(

There's this guy who goes to my school and he used to be SO nice to me. One day after school he decided to take my phone, most likely trying to flirt. That day after school (day he took my phone), I was out with my dad. My dad wanted to connect our bluetooth's together, but I lied to him and told him I left my phone at home and it's dead. He asked me "when did your phone die?" and I said "last night, and I didn't get to charge it" and he had sent me a text after school and the boy who took my phone responded to my dads text saying "k". My dad had already knew about this boy because wasn't the first time he had taken it from me, and my dad knew he took it before because I told him about it once. My dad goes over to this boy's house and starts FREAKING out on his parents. He's in my class and every time I see him, I'm so embarrassed.

We rarely speak now, but I still have feelings for him.. are we over for good? What do I do now? It happend in December but I think I love this guy, and I can't seem to move on.


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  • Let him take your phone again!

    Seriously, you could be opening up a healed wound...ask your dad see what he suggests. After what has taken place probably best you let things go or if you really itching to do something apologize to him and say you want to move on and start talking again. Good luck.

    • I don't know about that, he doesn't even talk to me anymore. He doesn't even make eye contact with me. He says I'm "waste" and "ugly" now:( ...