How can I make it last, the 2nd time around?

Me and my ex girlfriend just starting hanging out again. We're in that " trying again and taking it slow stage", if you know what I mean, lol. We were broke up for about a month before she called me out of the blue saying she loved me so much and took me for granted and wanted a 2nd chance. Well, I know I love her and we got along great, so I agreed to meet up with her and talk about it. So we did and everything went great! We seemed to really hit it off again and we both realized that we are GREAT together and we love each other. So here's my question, what are some things that I can do to make sure we maintain and healthy, loving relationship, that lasts forever? I want to be the Man of her dreams and I want both of us to be happy! Ladies, what are some things that I could do to make her the happiest woman on Earth? I play guitar and sing VERY well, I kinda want to write her a song and play it for her one night, but I didn't know if she would think that is tooo mushy. What do you think about that?


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  • Well just be sure to always try to see the positive in her and compliment her often. I mean how do you want to be loved, that's how you should be loving her.

    good luck


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  • You need to be normal actually. Do NOT do anything special / over-the-top / beyond reason. Bad idea. If you want to write a song for her, go ahead, get it copyrighted too you know, enjoy that; thing is it sounds like you're going to try SO hard you're going to kill it!

    Just be yourself and work on not doing anything destructive if you were before like nitpicking or arguing or making messes or whatever it is. Tolerance is key to any relationship.

    • I get what you're saying. Thanks Bro!

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