A girl I'm acquainted with kissed me while alcohol was in her system. Does it mean anything?

The first time I was in the same party with this girl she was at first putting her hands on me like I was her boyfriend so I did the same thing thinking we both drank so it would be fine.

Later on the night she out of nowhere started to kiss me on my neck (felt great)

but I stopped her Because I know how she is.

(short version)

Two weeks later we met at a friends house party got drunk and she followed me to the floor where I was gonna crash and she laid with me and put a blanket over us.

I don't know how but I held her hand and she gripped mine right back and we started to make out. She put her head back and said to me are you gonna remember this tmrw? how do I make this situation out? she did have alcohol in her system


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  • That's she drunk & if you're drunk as well drunken sex.

    That she's drunk and if you're not drunk take advantage to get sex.

    She's drunk & horny & you're close.

    Alcohol lowers inhibition, thinking skills, and impulse control.


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  • i would say, she likes you and the alcohol is letting her show it more than if she wasn't drunk but what do you mean by, "i know how she is"? does she do this with everyone or just you?

    • i can't say for sure that she is a flirt but when other guys put their arm aroudf her she would allow it for a short time then shrug it off. as for myself she came on to me and I accepted her advances. she has never openly showed affection in an open area that I know of

    • oh OK then she likes u. go for it!

  • You should talk to her about it sober. Or just attempt flirting with her whilst sober and see if she responds, because I know when I'm drunk I go for guys that are really quite, well, not my type.


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  • Dang, she wants you. BADLY.

  • it's good you backed off cause she'd might call "rape"