Ladies: Have you ever been with, dated, or just gone out with an Asian guy?

Why did you or why didn't you?

What are things you like or dislike about Asian Guys?

Like Pros or Cons.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yeah, I've been with an Asian guy. Not your typical one though. In fact, you can't really say that about them as just a group of "asian guys" because really, they're all different. There wasn't many bad things about dating this guy... but I'll list the pros and cons of him, just for the question :) But truly, other Asian guys I know are so much different.


    -- He really took care of me. He watched over me, and walked me home every day, even though it was a mile away from his house.

    -- He could tell when I was depressed. He knew when to give me space, and when to come close and cuddle and support me.

    -- He was always honest.


    -- He was cocky, but not overly so. Just enough to tick me off from time to time.

    -- He ate like a pig! And he was still toned and perfect!

    -- He would never take no for an answer, and would never back down in his arguments.

    He was really to special to me :) Now that doesn't mean that all Asians are that way, and that doesn't mean that all caucasians are not that way. he was unique, and that's what I liked.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I've been with an Asian before. It wasn't a great experience though. I doubt it was due to the fact he was Asian though. He was just a bit of a jackass. Unless you believe that arrogance and entitlement runs in Asian men. Also, he was into some very, very strange things. Things I never thought I would be asked to participate in.

    • ok

      so after that would you go out with an Asian guy?

    • I would've been open to dating an Asian again. I don't think that what made it a bad experience before was due to his being Asian. So had I met another guy who happened to be Asian and charmed me in the right ways; yea I would have given it a shot.

  • never cause they are not around in my society.

    but actually I live Asians lol. I used to have this BIG crush on Asian actors, they are so handsome lol.

  • im not that attracted to Asian men.. very few


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