Do you know were I could find good online dating service?

what I mean is were is a good on line chatting site (free if possible)

were fine women such as your selfs may gather. I am done with all the date finder fake adds and all the women around just don`t mix . I love all women but I don't think I could be with just anybody, thnx


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  • Plenty of Fish, OK Cupid, those are two FREE online dating sites. You can also do free versions of I believe. But OK Cupid and POF are probably better for being just free. Plus OK Cupid has quizes and stuff that make it fun, and you can chat with people to see if you like them first.


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  • Online dating is stupid.

    • i know but it gives me options

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    • Because he loves someone else. Awww good for your friend :)

    • then f***em girl. I really hate it when men treat women like that it pisses me off. if he doesn't share your love I know it hurts but you'll find some one who will and it why more rewarding then what your doing now, trust me ill the women I have been with didn't love me so I didn't try to work on it, but if I knew one of them did I sewer to all that is good that I would try to love them and not look some ware else, to brake a woman hart that's against my code of honer. hope it works out for you

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